Training or learning – what do you need?
By Julia Burkin, last updated February 12, 2024

Reflecting on my 6-month-long learning experience with Paseda360 led me to write this article. Something about the setup and support gained on this course felt refreshingly different.


When I have taken part in some training courses, I might be given a set of learning outcomes, a defined route to get there, and a person who is on a mission to get me there. This might look familiar to you.

‘In this lesson, you will learn 5 things, I will show you the 5 things, then I will retell you the 5 things, and then you will tell me the 5 things.’

I know I have been given all the resources to allow the trainer to train me.

So, why do I come away after some training and think that I have been put through my paces, by a trainer on a mission to stick to a format, where ticking the successful outcomes box is the driver?

According to recent data from the UK Department for Education, only 35% of learners believe traditional training methods effectively meet their learning needs.

Does this prove learning has taken place or that the trainer’s outcomes have been completed?

I most probably have a certificate to take home, it was probably printed before I had started the training! Do I always feel I earned it?


Learning to me is about being supported to explore and understand a subject that you are interested in by a person who is passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled in showing the ways to achieve the outcomes you want.

You can arrive with your ‘knowledge basket’ half full or completely empty and it doesn’t matter!

Research from UK-based organisations like the National Foundation for Educational Research shows that personalised learning increases knowledge retention rates by up to 60% compared to one-size-fits-all training.

Recently, I took part in the Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner training course delivered by Paseda360 founder, Angela Cox. It is training for coaches, both experienced like me or some brand new to coaching!

Whilst there are obviously learning outcomes to demonstrate our competence as coaches, ones that make sure we are meeting the requirements of the course creator and moderators, the journey of learning for each person on the course was very bespoke and person-centred.

The Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner course had an overview of what the endpoint would be for us all. We would be equipped to deliver to paying clients a premier-level ‘stop being stuck’ coaching offer aimed at individuals who for whatever reason find themselves stuck. This training once completed could add value to existing coach businesses or give new coaches a starting point in their businesses.

If we had all been starting this new learning at the same point, with identical life stories and experiences, we could possibly have had a one-size-fits-all approach.

However, research by organisations like the Department for Education in the UK suggests that personalised learning experiences improve student performance and engagement across various educational levels and backgrounds.

We were actually a group of 10 people, from all walks of life, with hugely different life experiences, learning needs wants, and worries.

The Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner course material was delivered to meet everyone’s needs through the use of peer-to-peer learning and sharing, harnessing existing talents in the room, and encouraging learning by watching, doing, and experiencing firsthand. We all knew why we were there, and we all wanted to learn what was needed. We all had our own outcomes to achieve.

The pace we learned what was needed was self-directed somewhat, some trainees had their own private learning journeys, where they faced and overcame their barriers and unhelpful behaviours. Others consolidated existing learning and refreshed their skill sets. Some trainees required additional support and received it. I was one of them.

According to a report by the UK Department for Education, companies that emphasize peer-to-peer learning and support achieve 75% higher success rates in skill development programs.

Knowing we were being observed at each stage of our learning meant we all committed to the learning, we were being held accountable for our own personal learning outcomes. Peer support and encouragement ensured all the learners achieved their outcomes.

Angela’s role was to make sure that she shared her knowledge, that the resources were there for us to achieve our outcome, and that our personal learning journey was complete.

The fact that every learner met the criteria to become a Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner is testimony to the fact that this learning approach works.

Our certificates came after the course had closed after our participation was evaluated and our case studies submitted, and after we had completed the things that we agreed to do as part of the learning journey.

For me, I’d take this kind of learning over outcome-based training delivery every time!

Research by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that organisations that provide personalised learning opportunities to their employees experience a 10% increase in employee performance and engagement.

What about you?

Julia Burkin
Transformational Life Coach

Author Biography

Julia Burkin is a dedicated Transformational Life Coach with a passion for helping individuals reach their personal and professional goals. With a personalised, person-centred approach, Julia guides clients to discover their true potential and empowers them to achieve lasting transformation.

Julia’s unique perspective on learning fosters a genuine passion for growth, making her coaching style immersive and enriching. Recently, she completed the Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner course, demonstrating her commitment to helping her clients get unstuck and moving towards a more authentic life.

For a transformative coaching experience, visit Julia’s website at

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