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At Paseda360, we’re passionate about helping you to succeed in your coaching career. Not only can you learn the skills you need to provide clients with a whole spectrum coaching method that creates transformational change fast, but we’ll support you in learning the skills you need to build a successful coaching career too.
Step One of Your Coach Training
Advanced Practitioner Certificate, Transformational Coaching
Learn a comprehensive coaching method that enables you to support your clients through their whole coaching journey, creating transformational change.
This groundbreaking coaching method combines the most effective coaching practices, that Angela has seen work time and time again with her clients, with Limitless Light Therapy, an ACCPH-accredited neuro-scientific method to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs and Havening Techniques to neutralize trauma and regulate the stress response.
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Step Two of Your Coach Training
Master Practitioner Diploma, Transformational Coaching
Further develop your skills as a Paseda360 practitioner and develop a deeper understanding of the methodology, so you can continue your professional development and generate meaningful results for your clients.
The Master Practitioner Diploma builds on your existing knowledge of the Paseda360 method, delving deep into the methodology and continuing to develop the skills that allow you to serve your clients and facilitate transformation in their lives. You’ll learn how to guide your clients to uncover the true version of themselves, build self-trust and unleash their potential. As well as acquire a deeper understanding of how the Paseda360 method works and gain further competence and confidence in delivering it to high-performing clients.
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Start & Grow Your Coaching Business
The Business Accelerator - Business Training For Coaches
Get your coaching business off to a successful start and learn the skills and practices you need to implement to find clients, keep clients and grow your coaching business to success.
If you want your coaching career to be a success you need to be a good coach, but you also need to know how to run a business. The Business Accelerator Course is a business course specifically designed for coaches to give you the business skills you need to succeed.
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Coaching Techniques
A Neuro-Scientific Therapy For Eliminating Blocks
It can be frustrating as a coach to see your client stagnate or struggle because they’ve hit an emotional issue. Our unique neuroscience technique, Limitless Light Therapy, enables you to completely eliminate self-limiting blocks.
A Psychosensory Therapy To Neutralise Traumatic Memory
Havening Techniques neutralises trauma and builds a resilient nervous system, making powerful transformations possible in an instant.
"Definitely the most practical, consumable and all round applicable coaching course you can possibly take. It takes the best of the full spectrum of coaching to provide you with the tools you can use to really help a client become unstuck and move forward in their lives. Invest in yourself as a coach and do yourself a favor, pick this course, it is absolutely fantastic, you will be blown away and it will change your own life as well as so many others. Could not recommend Paseda360 enough !!"
Eleanor Foley
Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate

Our mission
Our mission is to equip 5,000 coaches with the Paseda360 method, so we can collectively impact the lives of 250,000 executives & entrepreneurs
Why Train To Be An Accredited Paseda360 Coach
A Step-By-Step System That Delivers Incredible Client Results
Learn a defined, tried and tested methodology that allows you to perform a step-by-step 4-hour coaching event, with a therapeutic lens which creates a transformational shift for your client.


Confidently Charge What You’re Worth

To be able to increase your fees, you have to increase your worth. Paseda360 will allow you to deliver better results for your clients, so you can confidently charge the higher fees you desire and build a stable and successful coaching career.


Clients Stay With You For Longer

Because Paseda360 covers the whole coaching journey, from past through to future, your time together doesn’t have an expiration date. Clients will stay with you for longer, giving you more stability in your business and allowing you to make a greater impact on their lives.

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