Our Mission

Our mission is to equip 5,000 coaches with the Paseda360 method, so we can collectively impact the lives of 250,000 executives & entrepreneurs.
The Paseda360 way is disrupting the world of executive coaching.
Elevate your coaching capability through our courses, coach club and more...

It’s a proven method of cutting-edge, industry-leading coach training that will set you apart from the rest and deliver huge transformation for your clients.

Today’s executives, leaders and entrepreneurs can’t afford to tolerate mediocrity and there are a LOT of mediocre coaches out there, who have attended mediocre training courses.

After spending more than £120,000 and over 700 hours on coaching training and skill development, and working with 1000s of clients, World-Leading Coach Angela Cox and Leadership Expert, Martin Cox, have developed a new, revolutionary coaching method that delivers incredible results.

Paseda360 is the ONLY coaching method that covers the end-to-end coaching spectrum
It’s All Old-Hat…

The coaching industry likes to separate the world of therapy and consulting from coaching. This approach is not only old-hat, but it’s also missing the main point…

Executives, leaders and entrepreneurs are HUMAN and their needs are vast and varied. They don’t want a coach for one problem and a therapist for another.

They want one trusted advisor that can help them achieve their goals in life, in business and in themselves.

>That’s the Paseda360 way.

The Paseda360 Story...

Most coach training still relies on thinking from the 1970s and 80s. That’s over 40-50 years old! If we were still using the technology from that era can you imagine how slow and clunky we would be?

And yet, the coaching industry churns out training packed with Grow Model, Smart Objectives and insists on coaching being a non-directive activity.

At Paseda360, we don’t think this is good enough.
Times have changed, research has continued and we now have a much deeper understanding of human behaviour.
Clients deserve better.
So we’re revolutionising the coaching industry, bringing it into the 21st Century and creating an innovative coaching methodology that seriously transforms lives.
‘Limitless Light Therapy’ a new breed of therapy to stabilise the trauma response and provide a positive belief system
This groundbreaking coaching method combines the most effective coaching practices, with Limitless Light Therapy, an ACCPH-accredited neuro-scientific method to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs and Havening Techniques to neutralize trauma and regulate the stress response. Allowing clients to make huge progress in very little time

"I've coached many entrepreneurs and business leaders over the last couple of years and found there were particular themes that consistently came up during coaching sessions. I could identify the core limiting beliefs and behaviours that were keeping them from achieving their goals, but I didn't have the tools to help them move forward and overcome often crippling beliefs, so that they could make lasting changes and achieve their ambitions.

Now I have those tools, thanks to the Paseda360 Advanced Coaching Practitioner course. The skills and interventions I learnt on the course have been, quite literally, mind blowing for myself and my clients.
Paseda360 has put together an incredibly valuable course, which has elevated my ability to be an effective coach.

The course takes you through key theories, tools and practical skills, whilst taking you on a deep personal journey too. I highly recommend the course for any coach that wants to help their clients make deep and lasting change."

Lizzie Raffles
Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate
What Is The Paseda360 Methodology?

The Paseda360 method gives you an exact step-by-step model to follow that delivers the 6 Paseda outcomes for your clients.

Rather than provide training that equips you with lots of general models and ideologies, Paseda360 gives you a tried and tested model that enables your clients to stop being stuck, build positive beliefs, and be brilliant at being themselves.

One coaching method, to meet all your client's needs and make you their one trusted advisor who can help them in every area of their life.

Why's It Called Paseda360...
Positive Belief System
Abundance Mindset
Stabilised Trauma Response
Empathic Perspective
Deep Self Awareness
Authentic Self Value
The name Paseda360 comes from the outcomes clients tend to achieve through the coaching process.
“Natural Leader, authentic, genuine, driven and ambitious. Employing new methods, being an explorer and an innovator.”
It was clearly meant to be! If ever a word summed up the Paseda360 mission to help people be brilliant by being themselves, this was it.
Angela and Martin added 360 to denote that this method involves:
  • Past-present-future
  • Subconscious/conscious
  • Personal-professional life
They Incorporated ‘Limitless Light Therapy’ a new breed of therapy to stabilise the trauma response and provide a positive belief system.
And the Paseda360 way was born.
Meet The Team
Angela Cox
World-Leading Coach & Creator Of Paseda360

Angela is a multi-award-winning executive and life coach, 2 x best-selling author and podcast host. After a career in senior and executive transformation and strategy roles in large corporations, she left the rat race to set up her own coaching practice. She’s since worked with over 1500 clients, helping them to achieve incredible results.

Named one of Spear’s 500 most recommended executive coaches, 5 years in a row (from 2019-2023), Angela is well-recognised for her achievements in the coaching industry and the impact she’s having on thousands of people around the world.

Angela’s qualifications are extensive, she’s an Accredited Psychotherapist, Havening Practitioner, NLP Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an “Association for Coaching” Master Coach.

She holds an Executive Coaching Diploma from Cambridge University and a PG Cert in the Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health. Angela is also highly trained and accredited in business transformation with Cardiff Business School and Loughborough University.

Learn More About Angela
Kaf Harris
Student Experience Lead
Everybody needs a Kaf in their life. She is the linchpin in our team and keeps everything working like clockwork. Kaf is the one who will guide you through as you progress through the programmes with us. There is never a problem too big, or a question too daft for Kaf. She spent more than 20 years working in the education sector before joining Angela’s Coaching Practice in 2018. Kaf takes great care of clients and is excited to be taking up the mantle as your journey co-ordinator.
Martin Cox
Co-Creator of Paseda360 and Leadership Capability Expert
Co-creator Martin Cox is a Leadership Culture & Capability Expert with over 25 years of experience in coaching and consulting. His expertise in leadership, Kata training and the development of high-performing people have been key in helping Angela to develop the Paseda360 training programme.
Thomas Strudwick
Digital Journey Expert
Thomas is our digital partner, leading our website development, digital marketing and technical strategies. With a background in professional sports, he has experience of working tactically towards goals, providing a competitive advantage to those he works with. He is also a skilled website developer and software engineer and has a wealth of experience supporting businesses to get started online.
Helen Bowling
Paseda360 Trainer
Helen is a leading ICF accredited coach, CBT therapist and gestalt expert. She has over 10-years experience coaching people to unlock their potential. Helen also enjoyed more than 15 years in her corporate career so she knows just what it feels like to juggle life, work, and family. Helen has been coached by Angela for several years. She is high energy, straight talking and has a heart of gold.
Eleanor Foley
Eleanor facilitates Paseda360 training events, workshops and clinics. She is a certified Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner and Agile Coach. She has hundreds of hours of team and 1:1 coaching in corporate teams under her belt as well as a senior leadership and consulting career in global organisations.

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