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for coaches who want to generate transformational results for their clients and build a profitable coaching business
Lives around the world positively impacted by the Paseda360 method
Of training distilled to teach you the ideal approach for your clients
Accredited Coach Training by the UK’s most trusted bodies, the ILM & ACCPH
Qualification that shows you how to work the entire coaching spectrum
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Advanced Practitioner Certificate Paseda360 Transformational Coaching
Become a fully accredited Advanced Practitioner of Paseda360, the ONLY coaching method that supports the whole client journey through the past, present and future.
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Master Practitioner Diploma Paseda360 Transformational Coaching
Further develop your skills as a Paseda360 coach and dig deeper into the methodology that’s revolutionising the coaching process and changing lives.
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Business Accelerator Course For Coaches
Learn the step-by-step process you need to know and implement to get your coaching off to a successful start. From getting and keeping clients to growing your business to success.
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P360 Coach Club For Continuous Growth
Find support, insight and collective intelligence through Coach Club. The place to be if you want to nurture a successful and sustainable coaching practice, develop your skills and connect with other like-minded coaches.
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Book a 'stop being stuck' breakthrough session with Paseda360 Founder, Angela Cox.
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Paseda360 Certified Coaches
Find A Fully Licensed Paseda360 Certified Coach In Our Directory
All Paseda360 certified coaches must renew their licence annually by meeting our codes of practice standards. Finding your coach through our directory ensures you are in safe hands.
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Clients Are Wanting More From A Coach…
Today’s high performers, business owners and executives need more from a coach. They’re no longer satisfied with a fragmented, disjointed approach to self-development. They want one trusted person who will partner with them and help them work through their journey, eliminating any limiting beliefs, trauma and stress that’s holding them back, whilst also developing the insights, skills and clarity they need to move forward.
They want transformational change, and you can be the person to help them achieve it as a Paseda360 Practitioner
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What is Paseda360?

Developed by world-renowned high-performance coach Angela Cox and Leadership Culture and Capability Expert, Martin Cox, Paseda360 is the ONLY coaching method that covers the end-to-end coaching spectrum.

After spending more than £120,000 and over 700 hours on coaching training and skill development, and working with 1000s of clients, Angela developed a unique process for helping the whole client and supporting them in the past, present and future.

Now, you too can learn this coaching method, saving you time and money, and giving you a seamless and effective system that really generates transformational results for your clients.

Deciding to join the PASEDA360 Practitioner was my best decision this year. The course is a blend of online, virtual and in-person learning and the set up of our WhatsApp group means we can get to know each other in our cohort and support each other along the journey. This is more than just a coaching course!

Angela and her team have really thought about each module both in content and set up and it’s addictive learning! Each module is broken down into manageable sections which are easy to absorb. Alongside recommended books, it’s rich in content & learning. If you’re not already a coach and thinking about a career change, this is a brilliant course! I’m enjoying every minute of it and am growing into the possibilities & confidence PASEDA360 brings.

Nicky Sharp
Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate

We know from experience that becoming a coach is life changing.

If not NOW, when? If not YOU, who?

Read this guide to get the know-how, courage, and confidence to take the next step.

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What Makes Paseda360 Different?
The ONLY Coaching Method That Covers The Full Spectrum
Most coaching training covers only one part of the coaching journey. Paseda360 has been created to cover the full coaching spectrum so you can support your clients as they work on their whole self in the past, present and future.
Focused Therapy

Looking into the Past
Listening and Observing
Identifying Patterns
Neutralising Trauma
Limitless Light Work

Directive Coaching

Enabling Client to Get Unstuck
Creating a Hypothesis
Tell/Teach Mode
Playing Back Observations
Hard Realities


Building Belief & Self Trust
Finding Authenticity
Healthy Habit Forming
Supported Experimentation
Goal Oriented Future Pacing

Trusted Advisor

Client is Self-Leading
Ongoing Self Trust Analysis
Values Erosion Measure
Questioning & Challenging
Advising on Scenarios

Fully ILM Assured & ACCPH Accredited
Our training is assured by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) and accredited by ACCPH. So you can be certain you’re getting quality training and professional support.
A Neuro-Scientific Therapy For Eliminating Blocks
It can be frustrating as a coach to see your client stagnate or struggle because they’ve hit an emotional issue. Our unique neuroscience technique, Limitless Light Therapy, enables you to completely eliminate self-limiting blocks.
A Psychosensory Therapy To Neutralise Traumatic Memory
Havening Techniques neutralises trauma and builds a resilient nervous system, making powerful transformations possible in an instant.
Over £120,000 Worth of Training For Less Than £5000
To develop this level of insight, skill and methodology Angela completed over £120,000 worth of coaching training. Now she’s brought it all together in one, step-by-step method so you can master the same high-level coaching skills, in less time and for a fraction of the cost.
Tried & Tested With Proven Results
Paseda360 has been developed through Angela’s work with over 3000 clients. It’s been proven to generate transformational results, giving you a step-by-step framework through which to coach and giving your clients the whole-person support they really want and need to succeed.
Eleanor Foley
"Definitely the most practical, consumable and all round applicable coaching course you can possibly take. It takes the best of the full spectrum of coaching to provide you with the tools you can use to really help a client become unstuck and move forward in their lives. Invest in yourself as a coach and do yourself a favor, pick this course, it is absolutely fantastic, you will be blown away and it will change your own life as well as so many others. Could not recommend Paseda360 enough !!"

Our mission
Our mission is to equip 5,000 coaches with the Paseda360 method, so we can collectively impact the lives of 250,000 executives & entrepreneurs
Watch the video with Angela Cox, as an introduction to Paseda360 and our training courses
About Angela Cox, Creator of Paseda360

Angela Cox is one of the UK’s most-qualified coaches with a track record for creating incredible change in the lives of the people she works with.

Throughout her coaching career, Angela has changed the lives of over 3000 people through her one-to-one coaching sessions, public speaking and online workshops. As an ACCPH Fellow, Angela holds accreditations in many coaching disciplines and has been awarded some of the industry's most prestigious awards for her work, including being named one of Spear’s 500 Most Recommended Executive Coaches, 5 years in a row.

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Why Train To Be An Accredited Paseda360 Coach?
A Step-By-Step System That Delivers Incredible Client Results
Learn a defined, tried and tested methodology that allows you to perform a step-by-step 4-hour coaching event, with a therapeutic lens which creates a transformational shift for your client.
Confidently Charge What You’re Worth
To be able to increase your fees, you have to increase your worth. Paseda360 will allow you to deliver better results for your clients, so you can confidently charge the higher fees you desire and build a stable and successful coaching career.
Clients Stay With You For Longer
Because Paseda360 covers the whole coaching journey, from past through to future, your time together doesn’t have an expiration date. Clients will stay with you for longer, giving you more stability in your business and allowing you to make a greater impact on their lives.
Ready To Start Transforming Lives & Building A Sustainable Coaching Business?
Today’s high performers, business owners and executives want transformational change, and you can be the person to help them achieve it as a Paseda360 Practitioner
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