How Paseda360 is giving coaches the freedom to work the whole coaching spectrum
By Angela Cox, last updated February 12, 2024

At Paseda360 we are changing the rules when it comes to coaching. Founder, Angela Cox has devised a method based on thousands of hours coaching leaders.

It takes away the constraints of the non-directive style and the future focussed approach, and gives coaches the permission and capability to take the client back to their past, before they leap forwards into their full potential.

This week, Advanced Practitioner Student Danielle Lovett describes why she loves our approach, and what the learning journey means for her.

Danielle writes…

I had a wonderful day yesterday cementing the last few months of learning from the PASEDA360® COACH TRAINING ACADEMY Advanced Practitioner in Transformational Coaching Certificate I’m doing with Angela Cox. ????

It feels very different to what I was taught during my Coaching Certificate and Diploma at Warwick Uni and I am here for it.

I have always felt a bit suppressed following the traditional non-directive coaching formula….. my intuition would go off and I had to fight the urge to say what I was feeling, noticing that that didn’t feel authentic and the sessions would feel a bit meh. ????

I would get advised it wasn’t about me, be non-directive, the answer lies within them. I fully believe we are wonderful, capable human beings and can solve our own problems but sometimes we’re just bloody stuck, and we can’t unstick ourselves, no matter what we throw at it.

When I did unleash the urge to speak from my gut the energy shift was palpable, I could see the shifts in thinking and I felt at home ???? Clients would say they loved it, that they needed to hear it and were energised. ⚡

But I felt like I wasn’t doing it right.❌

I have reflected that this is one of the reasons I have not had the full umph to shout about the fact I am a coach.

I have felt restricted in this title, almost uncomfortable with it as deep down I just felt I hadn’t quite found my style. (Not helped with full-on imposter syndrome and then bloody cancer stalling my plans).

But what I do know is what I’m learning now is right up my street.

????A beautiful container of trust is built for the client, full of discomfort and growth.

????A marvellous mix of therapeutic techniques, coaching, and psychology principles creates real conversations and real unstickiness (it’s a word).

???? Self-awareness rockets and self value and self trust grow.

We go back in order to move forward.

It makes sense.

I can not wait to work with my fellow breast cancer bad asses who deserve to live their best damn lives. I’m so excited!!! ✨

We love how Danielle is articulating this. She’ll soon be fully certified so it’s worth checking in with her if you are feeling stuck.

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