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Burnout, imposter syndrome, ADHD, anxiety and stress are some of the challenges facing people working in organisations.

The brave ones talk to their leaders about these issues. Many however, don’t feel willing to open up. Those that do speak up are often met with well intentioned cheerleading such as..

‘You’ll be fine’
‘Take a few hours out’
‘You’re great at what you do’
‘You don’t need to stress’
‘You shouldn’t worry, you’re stronger than you think’

But what if those words don’t wash?
The cause of burnout, fraudulent feelings, anxiety and stress is often the result of what we at Paseda360 call The Pretender.

The Pretender is a protective facade or act people play in order to ‘be enough’ and ‘fit in.’

This pretence gives rise to exhausting behaviours such as people pleasing, perfectionism, and self persecution.

In an attempt to be enough, people be more, do more, expect more, and demand more. It’s a vicious cycle that is unsustainable.

How can Paseda360 help?

Leaders can offer a greater level of support to stop this exhausting dance by learning the Paseda360 method and using it to help their people authentically shine. Dropping the Pretender leads to higher potential and increased performance.

Psychological safety is a band wagon organisations are riding. The truth is, it’s not the organisation who gets to determine how psychologically safe the environment is. It’s the individual who decides, and for them a lack of psychological safety is linked to previous events that have created a strong belief system. If an individual believes the world is a dangerous place, or they are not worth hearing, no amount of cultural survey box ticking will change that.

Paseda360 provides tools to enable leaders to get to the core of what prevents an individual from feeling safe, and do something to change this. It’s not about making meetings more inclusive, or less threatening. It’s about changing the brain landscape of the person who feels unsafe. Imagine the difference this could make? It’s enormous. And it’s the duty of future leaders to know how to do this.

At Paseda360, we want to support organisations to train their leaders in this powerful, progressive approach.

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