The Power of Teaching to Fish: Why Paseda360 Coach Training Academy Doesn’t Provide Clients for Coaches
By Angela Cox, last updated February 12, 2024

In the realm of personal and professional development, the adage “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” holds profound significance.

I first realised this in my role of change agent in a bank in 2004. I’d be tasked with helping teams improve their processes but because they would often be too busy doing the daily work, they wouldn’t get involved in the change. I’d hand over the new process and leave, and they wouldn’t have the skills to continually improve it because they’d had it done for them.

I learnt that showing people how to change and improve their processes so they could continually do so themselves was always more effective than doing the change ‘to them.’ I truly believe it’s the best approach.

So it’s no surprise that almost 20 years on that timeless proverb of teaching to fish epitomises the philosophy embraced by us here at Paseda360 Coach Training Academy.

We want to empower coaches to hone their skills as a coach, but also as a business owner. The attraction of clients is a core skill and so rather than handing our certified coaches their clients on a silver platter, we teach them how to find them.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this approach, drawing parallels between coaching and the act of teaching someone to fish, while emphasising the crucial skill of client acquisition for long-term success.

At its core, coaching is about facilitating personal growth, transformation, and empowerment. It’s about guiding individuals to uncover their own potential and find solutions to their challenges. Much like teaching someone to fish, coaching nurtures self-reliance.

Paseda360 recognises that coaches’ long-term success and personal development hinge on their ability to navigate elements of running a coaching business independently.

Providing them with quick solutions may offer temporary relief, but it doesn’t equip them with the skills and mindset necessary for sustained growth.

While coaching skills are paramount, it’s equally crucial for coaches to master the art of client acquisition. At Paseda360, this aspect is not overlooked; instead, it’s emphasised from the outset. Why? Because acquiring clients is a skill set that goes hand in hand with coaching for long-term business success.

In the context of our fishing analogy, client acquisition is akin to knowing where and when to fish. Just as an angler must understand the habits of fish and the best fishing spots, coaches must know how to identify potential clients, build relationships, and position themselves effectively in the market.

Here are three compelling reasons why Paseda360 prioritises teaching coaches how to acquire clients:

Independence and Sustainability: By mastering client acquisition, coaches gain the ability to build and sustain their coaching practice independently. This self-sufficiency ensures their long-term success in the coaching industry. 

Diverse Skill Set: Just as a skilled angler employs various techniques to catch different types of fish, coaches with client acquisition skills can adapt to various client needs and market conditions. This versatility enhances their effectiveness.

Aligning with Paseda360’s Values: Paseda360 is committed to fostering self-reliance, growth, and personal development. Teaching coaches to acquire clients aligns with these core values, as it encourages coaches to take charge of their own careers and embrace continuous learning.

The Coaching Journey at Paseda360

Paseda360’s approach to coaching education is a comprehensive journey that equips coaches with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to succeed. Here’s how the academy ensures coaches are well-prepared for their coaching careers:

Advanced Practitioner Training: Coaches begin their journey by learning our unique coaching approach. It’s an approach that allows coaches to work the whole coaching spectrum and we certify and accredit coaches at Advanced Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level. 

Client Acquisition Skills: Through our Business Accelerator Programme, coaches delve into the intricacies of client acquisition and how to build their coaching business properly. They discover strategies for identifying their target audience, marketing themselves, and building a client base.

Continuous Learning: Paseda360 recognises that coaching is an evolving field. To stay relevant and impactful, coaches engage in continuous learning through workshops, webinars, clinics, and access to the latest coaching research and practices in our Coach Club. 

Mentorship and Support: Coaches benefit from mentorship and a supportive community of peers. This network offers guidance, feedback, and a sense of belonging in the coaching profession.


In the world of coaching, Paseda360 Coach Training Academy champions the philosophy of teaching coaches to fish rather than merely providing them with clients to serve. This approach mirrors the age-old wisdom of empowering individuals to be self-reliant and independent in their journeys.

The decision to prioritise client acquisition skills is a strategic one, rooted in the belief that long-term success in coaching requires not only the mastery of coaching techniques but also the ability to build a sustainable coaching practice. By teaching coaches to acquire clients, Paseda360 ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving coaching landscape.

In essence, Paseda360’s commitment to teaching coaches to fish encapsulates the academy’s dedication to fostering self-reliance, growth, and enduring success in the world of coaching. Through this approach, coaches emerge as not only skilled professionals but also as empowered individuals capable of making a lasting impact on their clients’ lives

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