The journey to becoming a certified coach with Paseda360
By Angela Cox, last updated February 12, 2024

If you’re a brand-new coach or indeed an existing one, you might be interested in our Advanced Practitioner in Transformational Coaching Programme.

If so you might be wondering what happens when you train with us and what the route to becoming a certified coach entails. This article is designed to walk you through the process and exactly what you can expect in becoming a certified coach with us.

The first step is often the most difficult one. It can be hard to decide whether you want to invest in a coaching programme because there are so many.

We encourage people to look at our reviews from previous students who have been through our programs. We have testimonials on our website in the form of videos and also reviews on our Google and Trust Pilot pages.

Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner in Transformational Coaching is groundbreaking because we offer coach training that allows you to work the whole coaching spectrum. We move away from the nondirective style and into a style that is fit for the needs of your clients whether it be directive, non-directive, co-created, or therapeutic.

The coach training program is a hybrid learning journey, incorporating online learning, virtual learning, and an in-person event. There is an assessment phase before certification is granted. The course teaches you how to deliver the Stop Being Stuck coaching programme for your clients. A transformational coaching intervention that changes lives.

Once you’ve taken the decision to sign up, you can choose which Cohort you would like to join. We start cohorts in Spring, Summer, and Autumn each year.

You’ll be offered the opportunity to pay for your coach training in full or to spread the cost over a number of months. sometimes that can be helpful in terms of managing cash flow.

As the start date of your cohort comes closer, we will invite you to be part of a WhatsApp group. This WhatsApp group will include your fellow cohort members who will be learning alongside you.

It’s a great opportunity for you to build relationships with your fellow students, and to make that process easier we invite you all to a Zoom at the start of the journey so that you can put names to faces.

You’ll get access to our learning management system which is perfectly set up to aid your learning. We’ve really given this some thought. We want your journey through the online part of your training to be as engaging as possible so the videos and lessons have been chunked into bite-sized pieces.

Once you have access to the learning management system, you will see the modules for the online part of the journey. There are three online modules as part of the online journey and you can access the learning at any time on any device, so you can really fit it around the life that you live.

Each module is broken down into individual lessons. For each lesson, you are given an approximate time to complete the lesson so that you can plan your time effectively.

The modules open for a set number of days, between 14 & 21, and you are informed in advance when the deadlines are to complete each one.

As you go through the learning, you might want to engage with your fellow cohort members to discuss what you’re discovering and gather thoughts on the different lessons in the modules. The WhatsApp group is the perfect place to do this.

When all three of the modules are complete, which takes roughly 8 weeks in total, you’ll be invited to a Zoom workshop. This workshop gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students more deeply and to enhance your learning as you start to discover how to pull together the stop being stuck journey for your clients.

After the virtual workshop, there is a small amount of downtime before we move on to the in-person event. This event is transformational not only for you as a coach but also for you as an individual. The feedback that we have received about the in-person week is that it is unlike anything anybody has ever done before. It’s not for the faint-hearted and it will demand lots from you, but in return, your ability as a coach will soar.

During the in-person week, not only will you be learning the tools and techniques and have an opportunity to practice these, you will also be developing the skill of critical reflection.

Upon completion of the in-person week, your assessment phase starts and I promise you it isn’t as daunting as it might sound.

A lot of the work for the assessments will be done during the in-person week so the assessment phase will be about you bringing all of that learning together into an output that we can mark.

You’ll be marked against a set of criteria which you will understand in advance and we will issue you with your overall grade.

This could be a pass, a merit, or a distinction, depending on the level that you obtain.

You are then… drumroll please…a certified Paseda360 practitioner and this certification is assured by the Institute of Leadership and Management, otherwise known as the ILM. It’s also certified by the ACCPH.

Once you are certified, you’ll receive your digital credentials and a paper certificate. You will be able to start practising the stop being stuck program with your clients to do that you will need to get your license from Paseda360. The license is renewable each year. This allows us to ensure that you are working within our code of ethics and means if any new material is developed you will receive it.

Once you are licensed, you can then if you wish, take the optional accreditation step. This will involve working with real clients and writing up your case study evidence. The case studies are submitted to Paseda360 and on successful completion of between five and seven of these case studies, you will become a fully accredited Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner, moving from certified status to accredited. This gives you an extra mark of quality which demonstrates to your clients that you have gone through the procedure of not only learning but also doing to make you the best practitioner that you can be.

After your training, you’re not left on your own. If you need support and want to be part of the Paseda360 community you can join the Coach Club which gives you access to the Paseda360 Team, supportive clinics, and to regular CPD training.

If you are keen to start your journey, email us at and we can book a call with you.

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