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Showing up on organic social media is the key to long-term success
By Angela Cox, last updated October 22, 2023

If you are wincing at the thought of what that headline means for you, then think carefully. Visibility on social media really is a MUST for anyone who wants to build a sustainable, long-term coaching business.

Showing up on social media doesn’t mean jumping on the latest gimmicks in an attempt to become the ‘next insta star’. It means creating content that helps you connect to people in an authentic way, building credibility, reliability, and intimacy.

Now I’m not saying that this approach is critical purely because it’s been the secret to my success.

No, no.

It’s a message that is coming out loud and clear from entrepreneurial experts across the board.

I recently attended a two-day conference for entrepreneurs. It was £1200 very well invested.

The core message coming from the stage was that for business owners, whether we be coaches or any type of business, the generation of ‘leads’ is key.

We need to attract leads to have discovery calls, which then convert into paying clients.

The premise of ‘build it and they will come’ is not a strategy for the discerning business owner.

We can rephrase that to ‘Add value regularly on social media and they will follow’ which is closer to the mark.

Showing up on social media with thoughtful, useful content is a core part of your working week.

It’s a must for the following reasons:

Authenticity: Organic content often feels more genuine and trustworthy to audiences, fostering stronger connections compared to paid ads, which can sometimes be perceived as promotional or intrusive. 

Rising Ad Costs: If paid advertising costs continue to increase, businesses and coaches may find organic reach to be a more cost-effective way to engage with their audience and promote their services.

Algorithm Changes: Social media platforms may shift their algorithms to prioritise organic content to enhance user experience and reduce the clutter of paid ads in users’ feeds.

Community Building: Building a dedicated and engaged community around a coach’s expertise can be more effectively achieved through organic social media efforts, as it encourages two-way communication and deeper relationships.

Now I know that some coaches detest the idea of showing up on social media but let me share WHY it’s not to be dismissed…

Personal Branding: Organic content allows coaches to showcase their expertise, personality, and unique approach, helping them establish a stronger personal brand that attracts loyal clients.

Long-term Growth: An organic social media strategy can provide sustainable growth as coaches cultivate a loyal following and foster word-of-mouth recommendations, leading to a more stable client base.

Cost-Efficiency: Compared to paid advertising, organic reach is often more budget-friendly for coaches, making it an accessible tool for marketing and client acquisition.

It’s your time to shine and establish yourself as the GO-TO coach for your audience. To believe that your potential clients need to see you.

If you need help with this, consider joining the P360 Coach Club. We can help you formulate your approach in our weekly coaching clinics.

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