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My 6th year as a business owner, here’s the 10 biggest realisations…
By Angela Cox, last updated September 4, 2023

As I kick off my 6th year as a business owner, here’s the 10 biggest realisations…

🌱I do not need to be led. I am the leader. I have what it takes to define the path, motivate myself, and to trust my decisions are right.

🌱The experimental mindset is critical. I can’t be wedded to an outcome, I can only be willing to experiment with approaches that are meant to deliver the outcome. If they do great, if they don’t, I have to try something new.

🌱I’m not ‘too expensive’. It’s a big objection I hear a lot. I believe in my ability to deliver value above to the cost. Nobody has ever said ‘you’re too expensive’ after a session.

🌱My clients and students are the most important people. If they need me at 10pm and I am awake, I will answer their message. Being available has been an important part of earning trust and it means clients stay long term.

🌱I attract the clients who are right for me. This is the reason that in 5 years of coaching, I have only had one client I didn’t connect with.

🌱I tell it like it is. Blending backbone with heart has been the key.

🌱If I have something to sell, like a retreat, or an course, I just sell it. I don’t dress it up, or go around the houses, I let people know it exists. I’m a business owner.

🌱I stay in my own lane. What I offer as a coach, and as a coach trainer is unique. I am the unique element. I believe in that, so don’t waste time looking over the fence.

🌱I temper my expectations. At the start of my journey I had expectations that I would put out a course and thousands of people would sign up (that’s what the business gurus have you believe). It meant I felt like I was failing. Now I set realistic targets based on the audience numbers I have.

🌱I work hard. I am prepared to work hard. And I make no apologies for working hard. It’s been a key ingredient.

🌱I outsource the £10 jobs, the £50 jobs, and any job that I don’t have the capability for. I also ask myself throughout the day if I am using my time wisely.

🌱I prioritise pace over perfection. Yes my stuff might be littered with mistakes. I might improve as we go. But I GET IT OUT THERE. And people who don’t like spelling errors are not my people.

🌱I break all the rules. Always have, always will. And therein lies the secret sauce!

🚀On 8th September, I am sharing my story on zoom. The day I handed in my notice on a whim, to building a business I love. If you would like to come along there’s a few spots left. Email for the link.

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