Learn a Proven Coaching Methodology That Enables You to Facilitate Transformational Change in a Single Breakthrough Session…
Our Portsmouth Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate
Our Spring 2024 cohort will be held in Portsmouth!

Course investment £4295 plus VAT.

Sign up open until: 7th April 2024
Online Module: start 8th April 2024
Virtual Day: 10th June 2024
5 day event: 23rd to 27th June 2024

Portsmouth Bonvoy Marriott Hotel
Southampton Rd, Cosham, Portsmouth PO6 4SH

Graduation Summer 2024

About This Training…

This course will give you the skills and qualifications needed to practice as an accredited Paseda360 coach. Although many of our students do tend to have some coaching experience, no prior coaching experience or qualifications are required.

The course is blended online and in-person training. This gives you the flexibility to complete some of the learning in your own time, whilst still ensuring you get the practical face-to-face experience and support that’s necessary for you to fully develop your skills to a high level.

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Deciding to join the PASEDA360 Practitioner was my best decision this year. The course is a blend of online, virtual and in-person learning and the set up of our WhatsApp group means we can get to know each other in our cohort and support each other along the journey. This is more than just a coaching course!

Angela and her team have really thought about each module both in content and set up and it’s addictive learning! Each module is broken down into manageable sections which are easy to absorb. Alongside recommended books, it’s rich in content & learning. If you’re not already a coach and thinking about a career change, this is a brilliant course! I’m enjoying every minute of it and am growing into the possibilities & confidence PASEDA360 brings.

Nicky Sharp
Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate
Online Learning
Your journey will start in our custom designed Online Learning Platform.

Here you'll have a unique login and your own dashboard which plots your progress.

There are three online modules and you'll be able to access the video, webinar and written lessons at times that suit you.

Virtual Workshop
One day event

Meet your fellow cohort members in our live virtual workshop.

You'll spend a full day in training together before completing a homework exercise which forms part of your assessment.

5-day immersive event

The final piece of your learning journey involves you attending a 5 day event. This will either be in-person or virtual depending which cohort you choose.
The immersive event will be your opportunity to put into practice everything you have learned, and to pick up new skills including event Havening Techniques and Limitless Light Therapy.

You’ll be simulating the half day session with a mock client, in a safe, experimental environment.

It’s an experience you won’t ever forget.

Assessment and Certification
ILM Assured Certification and ACCPH Certification will be issued upon completion of the mandatory assessment phase.

Assessments will include:

🌱 Critical evaluation of your performance at the in-person workshops
🌱 Development of a marketing approach for your practice
🌱 Creation of a client facing instructional video
🌱 A written case-study
🌱 An assignment which sets out your personal coaching style

As a certified practitioner you are licenced to practice Paseda360. Your licence fee for year one is £99 plus VAT and will be collected on completion of the assessment. You can also join the ACCPH as a senior member (annual fee required).

Once you are certified, you have the option to become a fully accredited ACCPH Paseda360 practitioner by submitting case studies of your live work with clients. The accreditation step is optional, though recommended. Accreditation costs £390 plus VAT.

To state you are a Paseda360 certified and/or accredited practitioner, you will need to renew and maintain your Paseda360 annual license with a fee of £195 plus VAT.

What You’ll Learn In This Training…
By the end of your training programme you will:
Understand the differences between nondirective and directive coaching, mentoring and therapy, and how we blend these effectively in the Paseda360 method.
Gain greater insight into others, and how they think and behave.
Understand how conditioning plays a role and how their belief systems can serve or deter them.
Understand how trauma is encoded in the brain, how it impacts people in everyday life and how you can work with them to regulate the trauma response.
Learn the Limitless Light Therapy method and practice this with peers to gain confidence so you can use this therapy as part of the Paseda360 coaching approach.
Learn Event Havening Technique to neutralise trauma and Self-Havening technique for resilience.
Understand and practice the Paseda360 method of coaching so it can be effectively replicated in your own practice and deliver transformational outcomes for clients.
Identify your own self-value evidence file, build deep self-awareness, and overcome self-limiting beliefs so you can be better equipped to work with clients.
Develop new ways of working to support, engage and empower executives of their journey towards ultimate potential.
Improve your listening skills so you can be more present in the client sessions.
Have the tools, skills and confidence to work as a Paseda360 Executive Coach in your own right and help dozens of executives to be brilliant by being themselves.
Develop your individual style as a coach whilst using the Paseda360 method as your framework.
Meet a cohort of peers who will become your support network throughout your journey.
Other locations and dates:
Early bird 10% discount available
Summer 2024 Cohort - Chepstow

Course investment £4295 £3865.50 plus VAT.

Spread the cost with a monthly payment plan, or confirm your place with a £750 deposit.

Sign up open until: 15th July 2024
Online Module: start 1st July 2024
Virtual Day: 26th September 2024
5 day event: 1st to 5th October 2024

Delta by Marriott
St Pierre Hotel, Chepstow, Wales

Graduation December 2024

You can pay for your Paseda360 training course in one single payment, with a deposit or spread the cost with a monthly payment plan. If you opt for instalments, you can choose to pay over 4 or 8 monthly payments, for an additional fee.
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Early bird 10% discount available
Autumn 2024 Cohort - Leamington Spa

Course investment £4295 £3865.50 plus VAT.

Spread the cost with a monthly payment plan, or confirm your place with a £750 deposit.

Sign up open until: 11th October 2024
Online Module: start 27th September 2024
Virtual Day: 17th December 2024
5 day event: 6th to 10th January 2025

Leamington Spa, Woodland Grange

Graduation March 2025

You can pay for your Paseda360 training course in one single payment, with a deposit or spread the cost with a monthly payment plan. If you opt for instalments, you can choose to pay over 4 or 8 monthly payments, for an additional fee.
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Over £120,000 Worth Of Training For Just £4500

Over the years, Angela has spent more than £120,000 and over 700 hours on coaching training and skill development. After working with 1000s of clients, and seeing her method work time and time again, she’s developed a unique process that you can learn, implement and practice to generate the same results.

The Paseda360 Advanced Practitioner Course costs just £4500, saving you time and money, and giving you a seamless and effective system that really generates transformational results for your clients.


Definitely the most practical, consumable and all round applicable coaching course you can possibly take.

It takes the best of the full spectrum of coaching to provide you with the tools you can use to really help a client become unstuck and move forward in their lives. Invest in yourself as a coach and do yourself a favor, pick this course, it is absolutely fantastic, you will be blown away and it will change your own life as well as so many others.

Could not recommend Paseda360 enough !!

Eleanor Foley
Advanced Practitioner Transformational Coaching Certificate
Do I need to have any prior training to become a Paseda360 coach?
No. The Paseda360 Transformational Coaching Advanced Practitioner Course is suitable for anyone with a passion for supporting people and a desire to generate incredible results for their clients. Whether you’re already a qualified coach with years of experience, a therapist looking to expand your impact or someone who’s never coached before, this training course will give you everything you need to start making a massive impact on your client's lives.
Do I need to do any preparation ahead of the course?
No. There is no prior learning required ahead of the Advanced Practitioner Level Course as the training covers everything you need to know.
Will I need to book accommodation for the in-person event?
Your refreshments and lunches will be provided for the duration of the in-person event. Accommodation is not included so it’s advisable to book this early. We will advise you of the course venue at the start of the course journey so you’ll have 3 months notice. You don’t need to stay at the course venue, though we recommend you keep travel time to a minimum as the course days are long. We advise booking accommodation for the Sunday evening before the Monday kick-off, so you can start on-time and feeling refreshed.
What is Limitless Light Therapy?
Limitless Light Therapy is a powerful neuro-scientific method developed by leading coach, Angela Cox, and accredited by the ACCPH. It’s an effective way to neutralise trauma, identify and reprogram limiting beliefs and regulate the fight/flight/freeze response, so clients can let go of what’s holding them back and make incredible progress.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes. We offer payment plans to help make your training accessible and affordable. You can choose to pay for your training in one payment, or spread payments across the first 4 months, or spread the payments over 8 months.
About Paseda360
The ONLY Accredited, Full-Spectrum Coaching Method In The World

Paseda360 is a whole spectrum coaching method, developed by world-renowned high-performance coach, Angela Cox and Leadership Expert, Martin Cox. It is the ONLY accredited coaching method that covers the end-to-end coaching spectrum, allowing you to work with your whole client through their past, present and future.

No longer will clients need an executive coach for work, a life coach for life’s challenges, a transformation coach for the future and a therapist for the past. With Paseda360 you can become the ONE trusted advisor they need to succeed in all areas of their lives. Giving them the continuity, simplicity and results they really want.

The ONLY Coaching Method That Covers The Full Spectrum
Most coaching training covers only one part of the coaching journey. Paseda360 has been created to cover the full coaching spectrum so you can support your clients as they work on their whole self in the past, present and future.
Focused Therapy

Looking into the Past
Listening and Observing
Identifying Patterns
Neutralising Trauma
Limitless Light Work

Directive Coaching

Enabling Client to Get Unstuck
Creating a Hypothesis
Tell/Teach Mode
Playing Back Observations
Hard Realities


Building Belief & Self Trust
Finding Authenticity
Healthy Habit Forming
Supported Experimentation
Goal Oriented Future Pacing

Trusted Advisor

Client is Self-Leading
Ongoing Self Trust Analysis
Values Erosion Measure
Questioning & Challenging
Advising on Scenarios

A Neuro-Scientific Way To Eliminate Emotional Blocks
It can be frustrating as a coach to see your client stagnate or struggle because they’ve hit an emotional issue. Limitless Light Therapy is Angela Cox’s unique, ACCPH-accredited technique that gives you the tools you need to completely eliminate blocks. This coupled with Havening Techniques to neutralise trauma provides an incredibly powerful toolkit to deliver dramatic results.
A Step-By-Step System That Delivers Client Results
Learn a defined, tried and tested methodology that allows you to perform a step-by-step 4-hour coaching event, with a therapeutic lens that creates a truly transformational shift for your client.
Confidently Charge What You’re Worth
To be able to increase your fees, you have to increase your worth. Paseda360 will allow you to deliver better results for your clients, so you can confidently charge the higher fees you desire and build a stable and successful coaching career.
Clients Stay With You For Longer
Because Paseda360 covers the whole coaching journey, from past through to future, your time together doesn’t have an expiration date. Clients will stay with you for longer, giving you more stability in your business and allowing you to make a greater impact on their lives.
How To Get Started
You can book your place on our next training course using the button below, or if you’d like to learn more about Paseda360, you can book a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through the course and answer any questions you may have
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