Paseda360 Free bitesize training
Join Paseda360 Founder, Angela Cox, for this session which will teach you how the brain is wired to trip you and your clients up on the route to potential. And... she'll show you what needs to happen to prevent the trip.
As a coach in 2023, you cannot afford to work solely on your client’s present and future because your client’s full potential relies on looking back at the past
In this free bitesize training, Paseda360 founder, Angela Cox will teach you how the brain is set up to trip you up on your way to fulfilling your potential and what needs to happen to stop tripping.
Join Angela for this FREE and FUN video, and in less than 20-minutes you’ll learn:
  • The three parts of the brain that play a role in processing your sensory experience.
  • Which part of the brain is responsible for the trip and why.
  • How to prevent the trip from happening.
Get access to the video here!
This bitesize learning session is ideal for coaches who
  • Know there is a better way to serve their clients
  • Want to make the biggest difference they can to client’s lives
  • Love to learn and develop their skills
  • Are just starting out and want to understand more
  • Can’t understand why client’s go through the same loops again and again
  • Want to improve their coaching skills

And it's for you if you fancy learning how the brain works in a fun, and jargon free-way.

Join Paseda360 founder, Angela Cox for this FREE and FUN video
Get access to the video here!