We know from experience that becoming a coach is life changing.

If not NOW, when? If not YOU, who?

Read this guide to get the know-how, courage, and confidence to take the next step.

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Paseda360 is taking a different approach to coach training, so even experienced coaches take value from investing in us.
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Here’s what you’ll learn from Paseda360:

  • The unique tried and tested framework that shows you step by step how to transform people’s lives and sets you apart from the other coaches out there
  • £120k of training, disseminated into a course that gives you the best of everything for under £4k
  • The exact steps to getting started and making a part or full-time income through coaching
  • How to create a purpose-led, professional business that gives you the lifestyle you’re looking for
  • And…. you’ll enjoy the credibility of dual certified qualifications.
  • Plus, you can be part of a community of like-minded coaches and further develop your coaching capability in the P360 Coach Club
There’s never been a better time to switch career...

According to a study undertaken by Indeed, the world’s leading job site, there are thousands of people over the age of 35 contemplating a career change right now.

And the fourth most recommended career for career switchers is a coach.


Because the benefits are fierce. As a coach you can...

🌱Choose when you work and enjoy more freedom
🌱 Work from anywhere in the world thanks to incredible technology
🌱Choose the types of clients you want to support
🌱Attract high hourly/programme rates
🌱 Develop group programmes and communities
🌱 Build your credibility to write books, develop frameworks, and speak at events
🌱Create multiple income streams by sharing your knowledge in different ways
🌱Keep overheads low by working virtually
🌱Do work that you love, and that makes you feel valued

Paseda360 is your pathway to a brighter, freedom-filled, purpose-led future.

Start your journey now with our Advanced Practitioner Certificate in Transformational Coaching.

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